Introducing Cape Stout

The Moskito Island’s newest member will launch in early 2024 and bring yet another flavor to the group of estates

Each estate in The Moskito Island has its own unique ambience and style, as they’ve been crafted by each owner to represent their personal idea of the perfect island idyll. For the owners of Cape Stout, this meant creating a fabulous playground where grown-ups and teenage kids could have an active vacation with as much time spent in the water as on dry land.

Cape Stout, named after the landmark on which it sits, will be the realization of their dream when it’s launched in 2024.

‘We’ve had some incredible vacations in the BVI,’ says the owner, ‘and that’s partly because there are so many fun activities to do in the ocean. We love sailing around the sound; the waters are crystal clear and because they’re protected by the islands, there’s very little chop. For us, spending days sailing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and kiteboarding are the making of a fantastic vacation where everyone gets to challenge themselves and feel exhilarated.’

The team are creating an estate rooted in nature, and see Cape Stout as a portal to the natural wonders of the underwater world, Honeymoon Beach and the gardens of the estate. An ornamental fruit and vegetable garden will provide organic produce for the kitchen as well as being the setting for a farm-to-table dining experience, and where children can experience picking and eating fruit straight from the tree.

As a parent of older children, the owner is keen to cram the estate full of fun activities and games that will keep teenagers and grown-ups entertained. The thrills will be numerous but include cliff jumping into the ocean, eFoiling across the water’s surface, lazing by the pool, and playing basketball on an court that transforms into an outdoor theatre at sunset.

Numerous pools (the largest runs under the main house) and hot tubs provide fun for all, while a pool table, pong table and cornhole add endless opportunities for play around the property. A full gym with weights, Peloton bikes and space for workouts looks out over the stunning blue ocean. In the colorful and design-led main house, a mezzanine level includes a bar and record player with a huge stack of vinyl for evening parties. At the main pool, a full bar with hanging swing seats provides a great hangout area throughout the day.


'A basketball court that transforms into an outdoor theatre at sunset'

It’s the group-getaway nature of a stay on one of The Moskito Island estates that the owner thinks makes it so different from the other five-star places to vacation in the Caribbean.
‘There are actually very few places in the world where a group can have this kind of high-end experience with a whole beautiful estate to themselves on a private island, with incredible activities and entertainment. It’s ground-breaking.’

Cape Stout will be available to book from early 2024. To be the first to be informed when bookings open, sign up to The Moskito newsletter.