Beach life

Swaying palms, soft white sand and turquoise water ...

Chill beneath swaying palms amid soft white sand and turquoise water

Manchioneel Beach is the island’s iconic palm-fringed white-sand beach. Some choose to enjoy it by basking beneath the shade of the palm fronds or lazing on the trampoline pontoon, while others prefer to explore this seascape by paddleboard or kayak.


Space and freedom to play

Safe shallows and grassy areas provide plenty of space for little children to play, while older kids and grown-ups have a world of exciting watersports at their disposal. The beach also has a volleyball court and space for beach Olympics. Strong swimmers will revel in cutting through the waters across the narrow straight that connects the island to neighboring Virgin Gorda.

Well equipped with a bar, sunbeds, umbrellas, towels and sun cream, the beach also has a shaded dining pavilion that’s perfect for casual group lunches.

Beyond Manchioneel

Two other beaches on the island provide places for sandy-toed strolls and warm dips: Lime Tree Bay is a special spot where guests can swim with hawksbill and green turtles, while little Honeymoon Beach is a romantic place to watch the sun set.