Floating between the sea and stars

When Naveen and Anu Jain designed their incredible estate their aim was to create a home-from-home that reflected its lofty location on the highest point of an island

The couple commissioned architect Ken Kao to realize their vision and the result is an estate that feels like a sleek yacht cutting through the ocean.

Entrepreneur and innovator Naveen says: ‘At The Oasis, there is light, space and sea all around so we had the idea of creating a building that felt like you were floating in space with a bird’s eye view of everything around you; in a moment you could be in the water or in the stars. When you’re there, the ideas come to you because you’re so untethered from reality – there’s nothing to block them.

Ken Kao did an incredible job of taking this vision and interpreting it via groundbreaking architectural design into a property that’s perfectly at home in the yachty environs of the BVI. Naveen explains: ‘The Oasis is like a floating yacht surrounded by water. The views are unbelievable and the windows are all floor to ceiling and, when open, disappear into the walls. You wake to feel the early rays of the sun reset your circadian rhythm, so you feel connected to the universe. Then at night, because there’s no light pollution, you can stargaze from the rooftop Sky Bar where you’re surrounded by constellations.’

Surrounded by water
Surrounded by water

The couple wanted to take this building next level by incorporating the kind of supremely comfortable furnishings they’d personally hope to encounter on vacation. As a result, every bed has a Tempur-Pedic mattress (conforming to the body’s shape) which is dressed in Egyptian cotton bedding of the highest thread count. All guest accommodation includes a living room and simple kitchen facilities, and is furnished with custom-made furniture. The result is an incredible home from home where guests can reconnect with friends and family, connect with nature and find creative inspiration for business and personal projects.

The Master Suite of The Oasis