Necker for families

Owner Paul Salem's family trips to Necker Island inspired his creation of The Point as a place where families could have fun and an active vacation in paradise

Paul has travelled all four corners of the globe, but never forgot the experience he had on Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

Paul says: ‘We went to Necker numerous times and had such great experiences. I’ve travelled the world but there was something special about Necker in that it was both beautiful and all about fun. Then, about 20 years ago, Moskito Island went up for sale, however, we had small children at the time and weren’t in a life stage to build an island so we didn’t do anything about it.’

The island was an idea that just wouldn’t go away. Paul explains: ‘It had always stayed in my head. Then Richard Branson bought Moskito Island and suggested creating a family version of Necker and that really hit home with me.

‘We wanted to create somewhere where people could spend quality time with their loved ones in a stunning environment, which is exactly what we’ve done. I’ve got four daughters and they love it at The Point. It’s where we like to go to reconnect with each other – we’ve even had Christmas there a few times.’

180ft wraparound pool
180ft wraparound pool

The large open-plan communal area of the main house provides an extensive dining and entertaining space, with a contemporary kitchen and bar at its heart. Paul says: ‘We built The Great House to be at the centre of everything and it’s where everyone gathers, plus we’ve got the Bunk Room that sleeps eight kids, and direct access to two beaches, so the estate ticks all the boxes for a family vacation. 

‘We’re on a unique site on a hill that slopes down to the water, with a beach on either side. We named the estate The Point because it’s on the point which forms the narrowest channel between Virgin Gorda and Moskito Island; any sailboat that goes past sees our house up on the hill. 

‘Ken Kao, who designed The Point, also built Necker. We tasked him with integrating Balinese architecture with a clean and contemporary interior and we’re delighted with what he created – it couldn’t have come out any better.’  

Sunset dining at The Point