Playground in paradise

Michael and Xochi Birch's estate is like a theatrical set that provides the perfect backdrop for parties and socialising

The couple commissioned architect Ken Linsteadt to create their playground in paradise, which he delivered in style.

Tech entrepreneurs Michael and Xochi love to bring people together and, as founders of the successful private members’ club The Battery in San Francisco, know how to throw a party. Consequently their vision for The Village was an estate where people could enjoy good times in a stunning social environment.

The couple were inspired by Balinese design, but wanted to give their property a more contemporary edge. As the weather in the BVI is so temperate, all of the spaces were designed to be indoor/outdoor through large decked areas and walls that open fully to reveal and connect with the incredible landscape that surrounds the estate. The couple then took the experience next-level by creating an almost theatrical setting for parties.

The Village at sunset

Michael says: ‘We love environments that envelop you in sound and light so we installed a club-level sound system. This was complemented by over 100,000 individually addressable LEDs that were integrated into the buildings and which, along with moving head lights, are controlled from an iPad. A DJ booth rises from the ground to take the interior of the building from an idyllic Caribbean home to something really fun.’

The estate feels like a small village thanks to the positioning of individual cottages with a pathway running between them and up to the splendor of the Main Pavilion. The name also references the estate as a space where communities of friends can gather to reconnect with each other, develop ideas and indulge in freestyle fun.

The Estate
A village like no other